forward bias

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forward bias


forward voltage

(Electronics) a voltage applied to a circuit or device, esp a semiconductor device, in the direction that produces the larger current
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Instead of operating the photodiodes in "reverse bias mode," which is traditionally used for imaging, the researchers used forward bias mode.
Due to the high resistivities of the coatings, the boards were powered with 18VDC forward bias. This is referred to as Test A.
The phthalocyanine scored average efficiencies of 6.06% [+ or -] 0.74 (forward bias) and 9.00% [+ or -] 0.21 (reverse bias), while 6.75% [+ or -] 0.19 (forward bias) and 8.61% [+ or -] 0.60 (reverse bias) are the average values obtained using Spiro-OMeTAD.
When the forward bias voltage is set between P region and N region, the original balance between carrier diffusion motion and drift motion is broken, and the PIN device is under nonequilibrium state.
For forward bias, the [C.sub.dif] with parallel [R.sub.pi] has conductivity S:
He posits that the non-cointegration of the spot and forward exchange rates is a possible explanation for the puzzling forward bias puzzle.
Typical forward bias I-V characteristics of solar cell
Following the previous investigation [8, 10], the I-V characteristics of the forward bias current were analyzed in accordance with the Richardson-Schottky model that assumes direct current electrical conduction through electric field assisted thermionic emission.
They then observed a significant increase in friction under accumulation (forward bias) conditions with respect to depletion (reverse bias) conditions and established a model based on the force exerted by the trapped charges that quantified the experimental observations of excess friction, using a Pt-coated tip with a 50 nm radius in an AFM sliding against an n-type GaAs (100) substrate [19].
On the other hand, it was observed that the slopes of the J-V curves for forward bias vary between 2.15 and 2.68, which cannot be considered in the framework of Ohmic conduction.
Let us assume that the transformer is working properly and there is a positive potential, at point A and a negative potential at point B the positive potential at point A will forward bias D3 and reverse bias D4.

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