fuss at

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1. Busy and useless activity:
Informal: to-do.
2. Needless trouble:
1. To worry over trifles:
Informal: take on.
2. To be nervously or uselessly active:
Informal: mess around.
phrasal verb
fuss at
To scold or find fault with constantly:
Informal: henpeck.
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Aunt Sally she looked old and tired and let the children snarl and fuss at one another and didn't seem to notice it was going on, which wasn't her usual style; me and Tom had a plenty to think about without talking; Benny she looked like she hadn't had much sleep, and whenever she'd lift her head a little and steal a look towards her father you could see there was tears in her eyes; and as for the old man, his things stayed on his plate and got cold without him knowing they was there, I reckon, for he was thinking and thinking all the time, and never said a word and never et a bite.