a. Marked by unclear, confused thinking.
b. Giddy; silly.
2. Having a head covered with fuzz.

fuzz′y·head′ed·ness n.
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All Kaleidoscope WHEN we rise in the morning all fuzzyheaded, who doesn't love the reassuring sight of homely stripes?
All Next GREAT for kids to get used to putting their laundry away rather than leaving it on the bedroom floor - just hook the bag over their door handle and there are no excuses Stripe laundry bag, PS7, Tig | WHEN we rise in the morning all fuzzyheaded, who doesn't love the reassuring sight of homely stripes?
They reciprocated, regarding him with contempt as a bumpkin or fuzzyheaded academic who looked for the Student Prince of 1900 in Hitler's Germany and couldn't find him.
Indeed, the most fuzzyheaded of all the ideas the author pillories is one developed to respond to the recognition of the problem of social class--"classism," which "is what you're a victim of not because you're poor but because people aren't nice to you because you're poor." When things get to the point where eliminating negative attitudes toward the poor takes priority over actually eliminating the negative experience of poverty, he figures "politics has been reduced to nothing but etiquette." While you're not likely to hear much talk of "classism" too many blocks removed from a university campus, ignoring the realities of social class is the norm in American political life, a fact that Mr.
She woke up all fuzzyheaded after a night on the sauce with her workmates, fired up the computer and, before she knew what she was doing, had bought herself a little treat.
We refuse to stand by while Bush and company trash our constitutional protections, including habeas corpus, in the name of some fuzzyheaded concept of homeland security.
Both Democrats and Republicans have agreed they will determine what is discussed in political campaigns, not a pack of sensationalists who have allegiance to some fuzzyheaded concept of so-called truth instead of the national agenda.
Even taking medication didn't help; although it eliminated the allergic symptoms, it left her tired and fuzzyheaded, a condition nearly as bad as the sneezing and stuffiness.