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 (gĕs-nîr′ē-ăd′, jĕs-)
Any of numerous, mostly tropical herbs or shrubs of the family Gesneriaceae, including African violets and gloxinia.

[From New Latin Gesneria, type genus, after Konrad von Gesner.]
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(Plants) a tropical plant of the genus Gesneria
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Noun1.gesneriad - any of numerous tropical or subtropical small shrubs or treelets or epiphytic vines of the family Gesneriaceae: African violet; Cape primroses; gloxinia
family Gesneriaceae, gesneria family, Gesneriaceae - large family of tropical herbs or shrubs or lianas; in some classification systems placed in the order Scrophulariales
ligneous plant, woody plant - a plant having hard lignified tissues or woody parts especially stems
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Activities will include fall crafts, an apple heirloom apple tasting tour, and a show and sale of stunning begonias and gesneriad flowers, such as the African violet.
[2] The Gesneriad Society, How to Know and Grow Gesneriads, The Gesneriad Society, Seattle, Wash, USA, 2007
They're members of the flashy gesneriad family, which includes gloxinias.
In fact, they are related instead to the Gesneriad family which includes African violets (Saintpaulias).
We found the likes of the British Cactus and Succulents Show in Birmingham on June 4 and the Wanganui African Violet and Gesneriad Show in Wanganui, New Zealand on April 8.
Blooming show: Learn about African violets and other flowers when the Northern Illinois Gesneriad Society presents its annual show and sale this weekend at the Chicago Botanic Garden, 1000 Lake-Cook Road, Glencoe.
Our data show that purple and white Gesneriad flowers dominate all regions, including Hainan Island, indicating Gesneriaceae in these regions are mainly visited by bees, including Bombus, Chalcididae, Amegilla and Lasioglossum (Gao et al., 2006; Wen et al., 2012).
Built in the shape of a Greek Cross, this lath-covered conservatory has a new gesneriad collection, neon-bright bromeliads, flowering orchids, and a broad year-round collection of aroids and ferns.
Gesneriad Society International and Saintpaulia International.
It was the former home of the Gesneriad Society, and the small yard was a rain forest of exotic tropical plants, while the vintage Spanish architecture reminded the couple of a castle.
The founder and head of Sarasota's Gesneriad Research Foundation, Wiehler is prominent in the small but passionate subculture of people who burn for gesneriads, a large family of exotic and often strikingly beautiful tropical plants.