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n. pl. glassfish or glass·fish·es
Any of various small, semitransparent fishes of the family Ambassidae, found in marine and freshwater habitats of Africa, Asia, and Oceania and often kept in home aquariums.
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The dead Tilapia tilapia (Tilapia), Chanos chano (Milkfish) and Parapriacanthus ransonneti (Glassfish) were found with wide mouth opened, skin with huge mucous and a bent back head, flared gills lesion and reddish sanguinary.
The implementation of the server is accomplished by the use of J2EE-compliant servers such as Glassfish Application Server 3.1.2.
Forktail catfish, Arius graeffei, was the dominant bycatch (47% of the total and 5.0-10.0 cm TL), followed by glassfish, Ambassis jacksoniensis and A.
Inside the caves, you will be able to observe large schools of glassfish reflecting rays of light across the caves' walls as they swim back and forth.
For example, someone developing a PaaS offering might base it on a set of SunxVM hypervisor virtual machines that include a NetBeans integrated development environment, a Sun GlassFish Web stack and support for additional programming languages such as Perl or Ruby.
(ii) Web/application server software such as Apache, Internet Information System (IIS), web logic, web sphere, and Glassfish 3.1.1.