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(ˈɡlaɪdˌpɑːθ) or

glide slope

(Aeronautics) the approach path of an aircraft when landing, usually defined by a radar beam
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(ˈglaɪdˌpæθ, -ˌpɑθ)

n., pl. -paths (-ˌpæðz, -ˌpɑðz, -ˌpæθs, -ˌpɑθs)
the course followed by an aircraft or spacecraft when descending for a landing.
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MediQuire has been working with providers, health plans, and employers nationwide to move them seamlessly along the glidepath to value-based care.
22 August 2019 - Chicago, US-based energy storage developer GlidePath Power has acquired a 149mw North Texas, US portfolio of wind farms from Exelon Generation, to expand GlidePath's operating portfolio of US wind, solar and storage projects, the company said.
One surface has a 34:1 slope, which is equivalent to the aircraft descent angle on a standard three-degree glidepath. The other surface has a 20:1 slope, which is significantly steeper than a normal aircraft descent angle.
GlidePath has begun construction on the Prospect Storage facility.
This sounds easy enough, but actually requires skill and practice to do smoothly without losing course and glidepath control during the transition.
Called CheckitXpress, YVR's in-house Innovative Travel Solutions (ITS) team and New Zealand-based Glidepath Limited co-developed it with several goals in mind.
They possess the knowledge and experiences to ensure their sons and daughters will navigate through high school and onto an education path that will be a glidepath to a two-year or four-year college degree.
Differing from target date strategies that typically offer a glidepath that automatically reallocates assets to a more conservative profile as the target retirement date approaches, the Columbia Threadneedle solution maintains a diversified risk allocation throughout the lifecycle, reducing aggressiveness along the glidepath without sacrificing asset class diversification.
EU envoys backed a proposal by Slovakia, which holds the rotating EU presidency, to set a glidepath for wholesale roaming data charges that will see them capped at 1 euro cent per megabyte — e1/410 per gigabyte — in June and decreasing to e1/40.5 per megabyte from June 2021, diplomats said.
In a hypothetical glidepath with reduced bonds and between 50% and 75% risk equities, the Sharpe ratio improved and the sustainable withdrawal rate increased.
From the draft document from Italy, which currently holds the EU presidency, it seems that instead of a full cancellation, the EU is planning to introduce gradual reduction, or a "glidepath" - gradual reduction in roaming fees towards the goal of "roam like at home" (RLAH).