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n. gliosarcoma, glioma con abundancia de células fusiformes.
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Existen 3 variantes patologicas de glioblastoma: gliosarcoma, glioblastoma epiteloide y glioblastoma de celulas gigantes (2, 6, 11).
Gliosarcoma is a highly aggressive primary brain tumour.
The dense cellularity and pleomorphism raises a possibility of ganglioglioma and higher grade malignancies like glioblastoma, giant cell glioblastoma, gliosarcoma or even pleomorphic sarcoma.
Jenkins et al., "The radiation response of cells from 9L gliosarcoma tumours is correlated with [F18]-EF5 uptake," International Journal of Radiation Biology, vol.
Among IDHwildtype tumors, the WHO recognizes giant cell glioblastoma, gliosarcoma, and epithelioid glioblastoma [1].
Honokiol crosses BBB and BCSFB, and inhibits brain tumor growth in rat 9L intracerebral gliosarcoma model and human U251 xenograft glioma model.
Intracranial microcapsule drug delivery device for the treatment of an experimental gliosarcoma model.
Global Markets Direct's, 'Gliosarcoma - Pipeline Review, H1 2016', provides an overview of the Gliosarcoma pipeline landscape.
Based on CT and MRI evidence, the differential diagnosis includes meningioma, solitary fibrous tumor, lymphoma, sarcoidosis, and gliosarcoma [8].
Gliosarcoma (GS) is a rare variant of glioblastoma (GB), characterized by a biphasic tissue pattern, with alternating areas of glial and mesenchymal differentiation [1].