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Noun1.gliricidia - any of several small deciduous trees valued for their dark wood and dense racemes of nectar-rich pink flowers grown in great profusion on arching branches; roots and bark and leaves and seeds are poisonous
genus Gliricidia - small genus of low-branching profusely flowering trees of tropical America
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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& Dalziel, Gliricidia sp., Pachyr-hizus erosus (L.) Urb., Phaseolus vulgaris L., Vicia faba L., Dioclea guianensis Benth.) Michaelus thordesa Bignoniaceae (Lundia cordata (Hewitson, 1867) (Vell.) DC, Pyrostegia venusta (Ker Gawl.) Miers, Bauhinia sp., Jacaranda ulei Bureau & K.
Merril), caramboleiras (Averrhoa carambola L.), urucuzeiro (Bixa orelana L.), plantas citricas (Citrus), mamoeiros - mamaopapaia (Carica papaya L.), coqueiros--coco-da-bahia (Cocos nucifera Linn), gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Kunth ex Walp), bananeiras (Musa pariadisiaca), guapuruvu ou ficheira (Schizolobium parahyba (Vell.) S.F.
Preparation of compost and cacao seedlings: Plant residues chosen in this work were gliricidia leaves, billy goat plants, rice straws, coconut husks, and broken empty stalks of palm oil fruit.
Hundreds of farmers in the drought-prone Moneragala district will benefit from this project as the farmers supplying Gliricidia Sepium wood will make $3.2 million per year as a result of the power plant, Dharmawardana said.
According to the study conducted in Nigeria, it was shown that when goats were fed on mango leaves together with Guinea grass (Panicum maximum), the weight gain recorded was higher compared to when the mango leaves were replaced by Ficus (Ficus thonningii) or Gliricidia (Gliricidia sepium).
(mm) 10 [T.sub.1] Onion(Allium cepa) 44.22 50.37(23.12) [T.sub.2] Ghaneri(Lantana camera) 44.28 46.30(27.58) [T.sub.3] Tulsi(Oscimum sanctum) 23.56 65.74(41.10) [T.sub.4] Gliricidia(Gliricidia sepium) 77.78 07.04(40.37) [T.sub.5] Neem(Azardirachta indica) 19.28 72.96(46.86) [T.sub.6] Garlic(Allium sativum) 10.50 83.70(56.87) [T.sub.7] Bouganveillia(B.