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With Trump reversing many of his predecessors' policies aimed at curbing global warming, Democrats are feeling a greater sense of urgency about the issue, while Republicans have either remained as skeptical as they had been in the past or have become more so.
On the day of the election, pollsters asked 1,000 people how much of a threat they believe global warming is to the earth's climate.
First, global warming and climate change is real and is happening now.
Of course, human-caused global warming is real and requires urgent action.
Since Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, it is logical to assume that increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in earth's atmosphere would result in global warming.
-- Public concern about global warming is evident across all age groups in the U.S., with majorities of younger and older Americans saying they worry about the problem a great deal or fair amount.
The truth is: We can never solve global warming and climate change without solving overpopulation.
In the recent poll, 45 percent of people said they had "a great deal" of concern about global warming, up from 37 percent a year ago and 25 percent, the smallest portion, in 2011.
So what types of questions do people have for Google when it comes to global warming? It depends on who's asking.
If global warming predicts "a catastrophy of cold and hot, drought and flood", then can the great Australian droughts of the 19th century be blamed on global warming?
Adults under 35 who say that global warming is either extremely or very important to them.
The global warmers claim every kind of weather pattern as evidence for their faith: if it rains, that's global warming, if it doesn't rain, that's global warming, if it's windy that's global warming and so the litany goes on.

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