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Noun1.globalisation - growth to a global or worldwide scaleglobalisation - growth to a global or worldwide scale; "the globalization of the communication industry"
economic process - any process affecting the production and development and management of material wealth
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The developed world has entered the era of fourth industrial revolution which would sooner than later herald what is called the fourth round of globalisation. Pakistan is hardly in a position, technically and knowledge-wise, to cope with the challenges of the fourth round of globalisation.
In the broader perspective on economic globalisation that I've been pushing since 2006, telemigration is the "third unbundling".
With the fall of communism, one concept that engulfed the world was 'Globalisation'.
Living in an open, interdependent globe, the population of today's world has seen globalisation in several aspects of their lives.
The book was first published as La globalisation, le droit et l'[ETH]tat.
Teubert and Cermakova (2007) analyzed a sample of 200 citations (from the Bank of English) of globalisation. The computer gave them the most frequent collocates of the word (anti, world, against, means, economic, international and business).
Economic Globalisation: Trends, Risks and Risk Prevention.
Between republic and market; globalisation and identity in contemporary France.
Research Unit for Political Economy, The Economics and Politics of the World Social Forum: Lessons for the Struggle against 'Globalisation', Appendix I, (Mumbai, 2003), 55.
Instead of a globalization that threatens to become values-free and rules-free, we need a world of shared global rules founded on shared global values." (5) WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy agreed, but also cautioned against overly criticizing the benefits of the globalization of markets, "It's clear that globalisation globalised the crisis, but for many decades globalisation also globalised growth while lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty." (6) Robert Zoel-lick, current World Bank president and former US trade representative, insisted that despite the crisis, economic globalization must be pushed forward, "We cannot turn back the clock on globalization.
This leads to the conclusion that 'globalisation is an accomplishment of everyday life involving human agents engaged in the construction of the global forms of sociality.'