globus pallidus

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glo·bus pal·li·dus

 (glō′bəs păl′ĭ-dəs)
The inner and lighter gray portion of the lentiform nucleus of the brain. Also called pallidum.

[New Latin : Latin globus, globe + Latin pallidus, pale; see pallid.]
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Noun1.globus pallidus - the inner pale yellow part of the lenticular nucleus
basal ganglion - any of several masses of subcortical grey matter at the base of each cerebral hemisphere that seem to be involved in the regulation of voluntary movement
lenticular nucleus, lentiform nucleus - a basal ganglion shaped like a lens and including the outer reddish putamen and the inner pale yellow pallidum
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Follow up MRI study on T1WI demonstrated almost complete regression of hyperintense signal in the globi pallidi and in the substantia nigra, as well as complete regression of hyperintense signal in the nuclei dentati, crura cerebri and red nuclei on T2WI and FLAIR (Fig.
The baseline brain MRI scan was characterized by bilateral peripheral hypointensity in the globi pallidi with a central focus of gliosis, the typical "eye-of-the-tiger" sign [14].
In gangliosidosis, the globi pallidi and ventral thalami often appear profoundly shrunken and hypointense on T2WI.