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"About 2 years ago @Stillsbyalan asked me to come over for coffee and a 'go-see' since I had never shot for Girlsway before.
It was one fun show and his designs were inspiring,' shares Yaofa, who was one of the contestants for the digital reality show SM Youth Go-See Season 2.
He gave the center a new oak leaf logo and designed marketing materials that Korth could carry to conventions and go-see's.
When your agency thinks you might be right for an assignment, it arranges a go-see between you and the client.
In the 300 or so auditions and go-sees Ronnie Liang underwent as an aspiring singer-actor, it was rejection, more often than not, that he took with him home.
Now on its fifth season, the Century Tuna Superbods will hold go-sees in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.
Her days are filled with go-sees, auditions, bookings, and shoots.
She said the "competition was brutal." Muka was frequently rejected during "go-sees," the industry term for fashion designers, magazines, television stations, advertisers and others that might be interested in hiring a model.
Some fashion-related, but don't expect to see me at any go-sees!" she added.
The whirlwind started when an aunt took her to modeling agencies on some "go-sees" (when new models audition for potential gigs).
America's Next Top Model, now half-way through a brand new series on Living TV every Monday night, sees world-renowned supermodel Tyra Banks lead her charges through gruelling photo shoots, "go-sees" with terrifying designers, and bizarre challenges to find out whether they have what it takes to win a EUR100,000 contract - before sending one home every week.
"It was quite difficult coming here and doing the whole rigmarole of go-sees and castings."