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Noun1.grissino - a long slender crusty breadstick
breadstick, bread-stick - a crisp stick-shaped roll; often served with soup
Italia, Italian Republic, Italy - a republic in southern Europe on the Italian Peninsula; was the core of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire between the 4th century BC and the 5th century AD
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What is unique about Al Grissino, and how does it compare to its competitors in the market?
When DJ Bob Howard gets behind the decks at Al Grissino Restaurant & Lounge, he's preparing you for the real party.
Dubai: If you are looking to invite friends over a non-traditional iftar at a place that's chic, classy and removed from the ordinary, then Al Grissino is the address.
Al Grissino Restaurant & Lounge Dubai, a spacious restaurant, lounge and bar located in DIFC offers a wide array of antipasti, pastas and seafood specialties.
Al Grissino Dubai hopes to please its clientele by being among the best Italian restaurants in the UAE, its owner partner Marleine Zahra said.
Overseas, evidence of the harm caused by tobacco is included in undergraduate curricula; but smoking cessation education is frequently absent (Ferry, Grissino, & Runfola, 1999; Hornberger & Edwards, 2004; Warren, Sinha, Lee, Lea, & Jones, 2009; Wewers, Kidd, Armbruster, & Sarna, 2004).
The question which naturally follows is: "Why don't more physicians advise their patients to stop smoking?" In part, this can be attributed to the lack of emphasis on tobacco education in medical school curricula (Ferry, Grissino, & Runfola, 1999; Richmond, 1999; Siegal, Cole, Li, & Eddy, 2000).
Some typical titles: "Tobacco Dependence Curriculum in US Undergraduate Medical Education" (Ferry, Grissino, and Runfola 1999); "The Medical Costs of Gunshot Injuries in the United States" (Cook et al.
I used the COFECHA 2.1 quality assurance program (Holmes, 1983; Grissino Mayer, 2001) to verify the cross dating.
Now we know: It's Al Grissino Restaurant & Lounge, opening on May 10 with chefs Stefano Lanfredi Sofia and Diego Simonetta.
Which is why these absolutely fab Italian Breadsticks (or Grissino Valdadige if you wanna be swanky) from Verona are the last word in pre-dinner nibbles.