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Verb1.groak - look or stare at longingly; "The dog his master who was eating a sausage"
look at, view, consider - look at carefully; study mentally; "view a problem"
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I came away with nothing to say because all I had done was groak" Broadcaster Sandi Toksvig.
14 May 2015: Adrian Bihun, Alexandra Binsfeld-Debus, Sophia Chong, Danielle Groak, John-Felix Manuel Galeno Gubuan, Katherine A.
Taking full advantage of a four-minute handicap, Millmore was never headed to come home 35 seconds clear of Newcastle University student Kelly Hewitson, with Sunderland's Melissa Groak in third place.
Public-private-partnerships (PPP) form a contractual relationship between the public sector and the private sector where the private sector takes all or part of the responsibility of the Government's functions (Groak, 1994; Kuronen et al., 2011).
Bardwell, G., Morton, C., Chester, A., Pancoska, P., Buch, S., Cecchetti, A., Vecchio, M., Paulsen, S., Groak, S., & Branch, R.
David Groak, Northumbrian Water's project manager, said: "The first phase of work will involve installing seventy metres of sewer pipe along a section of Castlefields Drive.
Others, like foozle 'a bungling golf stroke' and groak 'to stare at other people's food, hoping that they will offer you some', are scarcely known, even at home.
Women (6.1k): 1 R Smith (DurC) 21:58; 2 L Young (Heat) 23:12; 3 S Wilkinson (Morp) 23:18; 4 A Dargie (Elsw) 24:05; 5 L Jardine (Heat) 24:24; 6 E Leslie (J&H) 25:14; 7 F Little (Tyne) 25:22; 8 S Lister (BhillB) 25:27; 9 E Tullo (Heat) 25:42; 10 M Groak (Sund) 25:46; 11 H Christopher (Blyth) 26:32; 12 H Shillitoe (Heat) 26:41; 13 L Bone (SthSh) 26:49; 14 A Dixon (NSP) 26:57; 15 N Cameron (Heat) 27:05.