The part of an airport used for operations unrelated to the departure and arrival of aircraft.
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The capex plan is being undertaken to meet the Authority's strategic target of 32 million passengers by 2023 and generally involves expansion of passenger terminal facilities, airside and groundside paving work, parking facilities, utility work and other improvements and renovations.
[11] identify the key issues affecting airport ground access, such as varying requirements for different groundside users, environmental issues such as curbside idling, and increased demand with the rise of low cost carriers.
Measurements of volatile organic compounds at a suburban groundside (T1) in Mexico City during the MILAGRO 2006 campaign: Measurement comparison, emission ratios, and source attribution.
This contract follows the successful proof of concept of Hitachi ETCS on a Class 97 Locomotive ('Verification-Train 3' trial) which tested interoperability with a separate supplier's groundside system in use on the Network Rail Cambrian Line infrastructure.
The airport has a subdivision plan for 44,520 square metres of fully-serviced and flexible lot space with both airside and groundside access.
The contractor also undertakes the groundside road and car park snow clearing.
Then, poke the screws in from the groundside of the pad until you see a little dimple in the business side.
Eventually escaping out into the groundside I estimated that the mystery tour at BIA had taken longer than the flight.
Stand season tickets before June 10 will cost pounds 245 and pounds 255 after that date (pounds 195 and pounds 205 concessions), while groundside season tickets cost pounds 215 before June 10 and pounds 225 afterwards, with pounds 175 and pounds 185 concessions.
It is essential to think of airport planning and regional 'groundside' access as an integrated operation.
The groundside of the microstrip board overlaps by 1 mm the reference level of the microstrip side, which is then aligned with reference marks on the base structure.