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His quiet jests on the scaffold suggest the never-failing sense of humor which was one sign of the completeness and perfect poise of his character; while the hair-shirt which he wore throughout his life and the severe penances to which he subjected himself reveal strikingly how the expression of the deepest convictions of the best natures may be determined by inherited and outworn modes of thought.
Indeed, so concerned are the hair-shirt wearers of the health industry that they are ready to begin prescribing an anti-craving drug called Nalmefene to anyone who drinks above these limits.
"e hair-shirt of a nation" was Anthony Conran's epithet for RS.
This despite years of hair-shirt cars to induce a guilty itch that we dared not scratch and force us to take the train.
The hair-shirt stuff, the Stafford Cripps agenda, that is not the way to get Britain motoring again" - London's Mayor Boris Johnson takes issue with the Prime Minister and Chancellor George Osborne.
Bank Of Japan governor Hayami had good reasons to resist calls for quantitative easing at the turn of the millennium, but European policy making has become little more than a giant game of chicken between the south and Berlin, with the ECBseemingly unwilling to do anything beyond mumbling price stability;it is possible that it will cut rates this week, but unless the cut is in excess of half of one percent, it will be clear there still is no resolve to move away from the hair-shirt status quo.
Which means that massive Christmas dinner next week will taste even better knowing we won't have to bother with hair-shirt starvation in the new year.
After initially facing a pounds 6m 'hair-shirt' budget, Faulkner now has pounds 8m this year.
FOOTBALLER Wayne Rooney caused a sensation this week when he underwent a hair-shirt transplant.
So, it was with something of a hair-shirt attitude that I arranged to borrow the new VW Golf Match BlueMotion, a high-economy model that would go a tiny way to helping save the planet.
This Presbyterian preacher, with his hair-shirt mentality, has been at war with the middle classes for years.
In that context, Greek policymakers might want to take a close look at the experience of the hapless Latvia, which is some eighteen months ahead of Greece in the application of a hair-shirt fiscal austerity program under International Monetary Fund supervision to preserve its Euro currency peg.