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or hair's-breadth  (hârz′brĕdth′) also hair·breadth (hâr′-)
A small space, distance, or margin: won by a hairsbreadth.
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(ˈhɛərˌbrɛdθ, -ˌbrɛtθ)

also hairsbreadth

1. a very small space or distance: to escape by a hairbreadth.
2. extremely narrow or close: a hairbreadth escape.
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Noun1.hairsbreadth - a very small distance or space; "they escaped by a hair's-breadth"; "they lost the election by a whisker"
small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude
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And now Gilbert of the White Hand led the shooting, and 'twas only by the space of a hairsbreadth upon the line that Tepus tied his score.
There was an inkling of suspicion in Mr Flintwinch's face that he might be nothing, as he swaggered out of his chair (it was characteristic of this man, as it is of all men similarly marked, that whatever he did, he overdid, though it were sometimes by only a hairsbreadth), and approached to take his leave of Mrs Clennam.
It escaped that by a hairsbreadth but grew just 1.5 per cent in 2018, its weakest annual rate in five years.
Khedira and Daniele Rugani then nodded wide by a hairsbreadth before home captain Domenico Berardi on 55 minutes missed the gaping goal after goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny botched a clearance outside the box.
Its pilot struggles to touch down the rocking aircraft and comes within a hairsbreadth of the runway before taking to the skies once again.
hairsbreadth over a given legal limit or one hairsbreadth beneath the
On Purim, we read about the near genocide of the Persian Jews by Haman; on Passover, we will celebrate the Israelites' hairsbreadth escape from the Egyptian army at the Red Sea.
Television's coverage of the Army-McCarthy hearings came within a hairsbreadth of being forever lost.
Korman's second volume in his Masterminds series is a true page-turner, as hairsbreadth escapes and cinematic chase sequences follow each other in swift succession, leaving the reader breathless.
The hymn 'For Those in Peril on the Sea' works on the assumption that everyone afloat is either in peril already, or a hairsbreadth from it.
Previous comets, so-called sungrazers, which follow orbits that carry them to within an astronomical hairsbreadth of the Sun, have appeared bright in EUV images as they raced through the Sun's atmosphere and skimmed its scorching surface.
In the Brahms finale they surged and carolled threatening to overwhelm the formal constraints but were held back by a hairsbreadth.