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tr.v. hal·o·ge·nat·ed, hal·o·ge·nat·ing, hal·o·ge·nates
To treat or combine with a halogen.

hal′o·ge·na′tion n.
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The introduction of one or more halogen atoms into the structure of an organic molecule.
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Boron trifluoride finds application as a catalyst in a diverse range of chemical reactions such as isomerisation, alkylation, polymerisation, esterfication, condensation, cyclization, hydration dehydration, sulfonation, desulphurisation, nitration, halogenation oxidation and acylation.
Gadelle and Defaye, Selective halogenation at primary positions of cyclomaltooligosaccharides and a synthesis of per-3,6-anhydro-cyclomaltooligosaccharides, J.
Additionally, it can be seen that the hydrogen bonds formed by hydrocarbons are in line with the regioselective reaction vastly known by halogenation mechanisms of vinyl compounds [111], wherein the electrophilic attack occurs into whatever carbon of the unsaturated bonds.
Indeed, lower halogenated congeners (i.e., tri-through hexa-substituted) appear to more readily distribute into breast milk, than do congeners with greater halogenation, such as OCDD and BDE 209.
When the activity of MPO in peroxidation and halogenation was tested, CORM-3 showed an inhibitory effect in both cases.
These ROS cause oxidation, nitration, halogenation, and deamination of biomolecules of all types, including lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids, with the formation of toxic and mutagenic products [20-22].
Obviously, halogenation has a large effect on the compatibility of BIIR with carbon black.
18 -- Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) and Russian petrochemical giant SIBUR signed an MoU at the recently-concluded Vibrant Gujarat Summit at Gandhinagar to set up South Asia's first butyl rubber halogenation unit at RIL's integrated petrochemical site in Jamnagar, Gujarat.
Compounds 4 and 5a were synthesized based on modified literature methods (Scheme 1) [30-33], key intermediate 13 obtained from compound 7 via Vilsmeier-promoted halogenation and formylation, one-pot cascade condensation with 2-furoic acid hydrazine (9) and 2-hydroxyethyl hydrazine (11), Dimroth rearrangement to effect triazole formation, and finally bromination with PO[Cl.sub.3]/Zn[Br.sub.2].
In ultraviolet-B-irradiated mice, the administration of EGT inhibited the UV-B-induced inflammatory responses and DNA halogenation, showing the modulatory effects of EGT in inflammation [103].
Through physical, physicothermal, chemical, and chemothermal activation, the AC was tuned to show a good catalytic activity [4] in production of phosgene, sulphur halides, hydrogenation, polymerization, halogenation [5-7], removal of S[O.sub.2] and NOx [8, 9], and oxidation of benzyl alcohol [10].