homecourt advantage

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Noun1.homecourt advantage - the advantage of playing on your home court in front of fans who are rooting for you
advantage, vantage - the quality of having a superior or more favorable position; "the experience gave him the advantage over me"
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As for the country hosting the regional event, Velasco said there'd always be a homecourt advantage for the Filipinos.
"We are coming more prepared and homecourt advantage," she added.
"We were expecting to win but we also realized we were up against the homecourt advantage." Ioka, 30, became the first Japanese male fighter to win world titles in four divisions by annexing the WBO 115-pound championship.
Anadolu Efes at Fenerbahce 7pm By Steve Davies FENERBAHCE have stolen homecourt advantage against Istanbul rivals Anadolu Efes in the Turkish Super League final but that doesn't mean Zelko Obradjovic's men should be considered good things for a ninth title in the last 14 seasons.
This year, Milwaukee is the top seed in the East and has homecourt advantage throughout the postseason after posting the NBA's best record, but Boston didn't play like an underdog in any way.
Heading into 2019, Chris Bunten's side had hoped to finish inside the top four and secure homecourt advantage in the play-offs.
The Celtics have struggled at points this year and are facing a reality in which they may not have homecourt advantage in any series, but the core of last year's Eastern Conference runners-up remains.
That would mean securing homecourt advantage at the Eagles' Community Arena come play-off time.
She emphasized the concept of localization has given Shopee the homecourt advantage. Soh said Shopee is currently continuing optimizing its platforms, and a key focus in expansion is boosting the shops by tapping leading brands.
With Friday's win, NCU clinched homecourt advantage throughout the CCC tournament, starting with a game against No.
The second we give in to heteronormative definitions of what sex is, we lose our homecourt advantage."
That doesn't mean that Iran's team will be barred from future competitions, but it could force the team to play all its home games in another country where women are admitted, thereby effectively denying Iran the homecourt advantage a well as depriving all fans, regardless of gender, of the ability to attend matches.