homeless person

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Noun1.homeless person - someone unfortunate without housinghomeless person - someone unfortunate without housing; "a homeless was found murdered in Central Park"
homeless - poor people who unfortunately do not have a home to live in; "the homeless became a problem in the large cities"
unfortunate, unfortunate person - a person who suffers misfortune
bag lady - a homeless woman who carries all her possessions with her in shopping bags
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The next time I see any of you harassing a homeless person the reason I know he was homeless is because I asked him in front of the main entrance of the St.
A teenage boy has been charged with arson after the bedding of a homeless person was set on fire in Coventry city centre.
Police watched as he supplied a homeless person before taking action and making an arrest.
North Wales Police officers watched as he supplied a homeless person.
New Delhi [India], June 22 (ANI): One person has been arrested after the car, he was driving allegedly ran over a homeless person killing him and injuring three others in the early hours of Friday, police said on Saturday.
In a separate fire, it is understood that a homeless person lost all of their belongings in a blaze on Tuesday afternoon.
When Daniela Orozco started at San Fernando High School in California, she'd see one homeless person on her way to school--but by senior year, she noticed multiple tents under the freeway.
As your Christmas shopping continues, you will no doubt spot a homeless person along the side of one of our city streets.
And getting and keeping a job go a long way toward moving a homeless person into a permanent residence and off the streets or out of the shelters.
May have happened once to one very lucky homeless person on a very lucky day.
FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon was commended this week for stopping to speak to a homeless person who waved her down as she got out of a car in Glasgow.
But with the Greater Change system, your donations are managed by a case worker who will help that homeless person reach targets such as a deposit on somewhere to rent.

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