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Special mention should go to the Fletcher siblings too - Suzie is a leatherworker, while Stephen is a horologist who can, in fact, turn his hand to most things.
I'm not curious to know why the clock suddenly doesn't tick and tock, that's the job of the Horologist.
Recently, girls said they'd like to be anything from singer/songwriter to set designer to horologist (time researcher and/or clockmaker) to NASA theoretical astrophysicist.
With the help of a horologist's son, an airship pilot and journalist, and her mechanical fox, Lily sets out to find the coveted device and learn the truth about her mother's death, her father's life, and his creations.
While the swan will not be performing live today, as horologist Matthew Read carries out the inspections, the day will be a chance to watch a screening of its performance.
The "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" actor and producer will play the role of Jesse Ray Beaumont, a genius, paranoid horologist from the Deep South, who was tried and convicted for the murder of Lavinia's brother Chet nine years ago.
The screenplay by Jeff Nathanson (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) tries to squeeze a half-dozen double entendre gags from the story's scientific proto-feminist ingenue (Kaya Scodelario) is a skilled horologist. Rimshot!
Home to the independent watchmaker's design and production facilities, the elegant estate near the shores of Lake Leman--the very place where the legendary horologist got his start in 1983--hosts a yearly showcase of new timepieces by brands affiliated with or owned by the Franck Muller Group.
TIME has literally stood still around Swansea since expert horologist David Mitchell ceased fixing the city's clocks.
"I'm also a horologist," adds Kaya, only to be met with embarrassed silence.
It's almost as if the writers thought making Smyth exceptionally smart would make up for the horrid treatment she received from the much older pirates - this includes an academically inclined/horizontally reclined joke, as well a running gag about Smyth calling herself a horologist (horology is the science of measuring time - nothing sexual here).