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Among their topics are the circulation of astronomical knowledge between Babylon and Uruk, some astrologers and their handbooks in Demotic Egyptian, a parallel universe: the transmission of astronomical terminology in early Chinese almanacs, the 12 signs of the zodiac during the Tang and Song dynasties: a set of signs that lost their meaning within Chinese horoscopic astrology, and whether planetary models of ancient India were strongly influenced by Greek astronomy.
Lagna and Raasi are common horoscopic supernatural factors often attributed to determine the health, fortune or misfortune depending upon the astrological status, such as the position of planets & the moon (31).
On the train ride, she casts her own horoscopic chart.
She details contributions of the Babylonian tradition to Greek horoscopic astrology (chapter seven).
Likewise, analysis of the astrological intent of the ceiling in the Pavilion des Poeles suggests that its significance is largely horoscopic, reflecting expectations about the king's destiny as a great ruler.
Due to the names of these constellations, many will erroneously assume that a chart is horoscopic when, in fact, the chart is purely astronomical.