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 (hôr′ĭd, hŏr′-)
1. Causing horror; dreadful.
2. Extremely disagreeable; offensive.
3. Archaic Bristling; rough.

[Alteration (influenced by Latin horridus, bristling) of Middle English horred, past participle of horren, to bristle, from Latin horrēre, to tremble, bristle.]

hor′rid·ly adv.
hor′rid·ness n.
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Noun1.horridness - a quality of extreme unpleasantnesshorridness - a quality of extreme unpleasantness
unpleasantness - the quality of giving displeasure; "the recent unpleasantness of the weather"
frightfulness - the quality of being frightful
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In a world where personal and political grudges form the basis of central conflicts amongst leaders, Mandela took the road less travelled by and practiced forgiveness, by deciding to forgo the horridness of the past that would have compromised the social progression of South Africa.
aA member of the Senate Committee probing the Mace theft confirmed in confidence the knowledge of the rumour making the round about the redeployment of the Police officer while the investigation into the serious National issue was still in progress and wondered why the horridness.
Madam, I wish to put names of all those here who are languishing in Indians jails from many years ,whose families are facing a continued persecution, but lack of space and time is impeding me from that but believe me, Jails from Kashmir to Kanya-Kumari share same kind of horridness and tyranny,' Malik writes.
Yes, it may be a great tourist spot, but considering all the murders and acts of horridness, there's a good bet viewers are thinking twice about paying the region a visit.
When the narrator of "The Black Cat" buries an axe in his wife's brain or when the protagonist from "Hop-Frog" burns the king and his seven ministers dressed as apes, Poe dissects the psychology of vengeance, displays horridness, and depicts the outbreak of the American national "internal flaw:" "Poe was yet the first important American writer to foreground violence and to probe its psychological origins.
Many asked why Sadeq Larijani was being treated as if he had committed an offense of equal horridness to what Ahmadi-nejad did.
Despite the horridness of what is going on, I said that the end of the regime is not imminent because foreign military intervention is not currently on the table.