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a. Lacking the necessary ability, capacity, or power: incapable of carrying a tune; incapable of love.
b. Unable to perform adequately; incompetent: an incapable administrator.
2. Not susceptible to action or treatment: a unique feat, incapable of duplication.
3. Law
a. Not meeting the physical and mental requirements imposed by law for the performance of a particular task.
b. Not meeting the requirements necessary for proper legal functioning: a contract provision incapable of being enforced.

in·ca′pa·bil′i·ty, in·ca′pa·ble·ness n.
in·ca′pa·bly adv.
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It was late before they separated; the man Gray was incapably drunk.
The two officials, he said, were "disgruntled" politicians, who lack a militarily base and were incapably of waging meaningful rebellion.
I would just love to live long enough to see a re-unified island, but expect chaos to ensue following bi-zonal, bi-communal federation as both administrations fumble incapably with its implementation.And then what; further intimidation from 'the Sultan'..?