indirect transmission

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Noun1.indirect transmission - a transmission mechanism in which the infectious agent is transferred to the person by a fomite of vector
transmission mechanism - any mechanism whereby an infectious agent is spread from a reservoir to a human being
vector-borne transmission - indirect transmission of an infectious agent that occurs when a vector bites or touches a person
vehicle-borne transmission - indirect transmission of an infectious agent that occurs when a vehicle (or fomite) touches a person's body or is ingested
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A case report on indirect transmission of human rabies.
MONDAY, April 2, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- A Zika vaccine could substantially prevent future outbreaks through a combination of direct protection and indirect transmission reduction, according to a modeling study published online April 3 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.
The risk associated with direct and indirect transmission to poultry has also increased from low to medium.
The indirect transmission via free-living viruses from the environment and infectious individuals who do not present symptoms and individuals who present symptoms but are treated out of hospital and hospitalized individuals who present symptoms and have been admitted to hospital could affect the HFMD outbreak in Thailand.
A case control study found presence of reptiles in the home to be a highly significant risk factor for salmonellosis in infants <1 year of age, strongly suggesting a predominant role of indirect transmission (Mermin, 1997).
In the literature, several indirect transmission channels have been identified and investigated through which ethnic fragmentation leads to lower economic growth.
During April and May, direct and indirect transmission from the returning traveler resulted in 22 identified cases of measles (including the two cases first reported), for a total of 23 cases overall.
Table 3 : Indirect Transmission Channels of Income Inequality Stab Human Trade (Cp) Constant 0,0337 8,3849 (***) 65,6605 (**) 10,7854 (-0,04) (3,42) (2,29) (0,34) [Ly.sub.60] 0,1033 0,3207 2,1902 8,9209 (**) (1,34) (1,18) (0,63) (2,42) Gini -0,0192 (*) -0,0746 (***) -0,1260 -0,7148 (*) (-1,79) (-2,78) (-0,32) (-1,74) Obs 78 66 78 77 [R.sup.2] 0,075 0,121 0,008 0,150 Breusch-Pagan 0,02 0,81 5,94 2,15 Ipc Constant 5,0049 (**) (2,52) [Ly.sub.60] 0,2890 (1,45) Gini -0,0686 (**) (2,52) Obs 77 [R.sup.2] 0,153 Breusch-Pagan 4,57 Estimated with OLS considering that Stab, Human, Trade, Cp and Ipc are respectively dependent variables.