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 (ĭn′flo͞o-ənt, ĭn-flo͞o′-)
Flowing in or into.
An inflow, especially a tributary.

[Middle English, from Latin īnfluēns, īnfluent-, present participle of īnfluere, to flow in; see influence.]
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flowing in
1. something flowing in, esp a tributary
2. (Environmental Science) ecology an organism that has a major effect on the nature of its community
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(ˈɪn flu ənt)

1. flowing in.
2. a tributary.
3. Ecol. an animal, plant, fungus, etc., that has an important effect on the biotic balance in a community.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Latin influere to flow in]
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Adj.1.influent - flowing inward
incoming - arriving at a place or position; "incoming class"; "incoming mail"
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The influent concentration of [BOD.sub.5] in cell I and cell II was 157 [+ or -] 22 mg [l.sup.-1] and 83 [+ or -] 9 mg [l.sup.-1] respectively (Tabs.
A standard EPA-accepted or approved chemical oxygen demand (COD) test is required for EPA reporting, but a more rapid and mercury-free method is available for testing influent streams when reporting is not required.
Nitrate-rich effluent can be recirculated to the front of the plant, mixed with the influent water that is high in BO[D.sub.5], and then treated in an anoxic reactor (the first treatment unit).
The influent pumps cycle on and off frequently and create hydraulic surges throughout the plant.
The development of compact and efficient unit operations such as influent clarifiers, demineralizers, membrane separation equipment, and BOD reduction facilities all provide "more for less" to the paper industry.
Citing an increase in business growth, Influent Inc.
Consultancy with ACWa Services has concluded that an anaerobic treatment process will provide the most effective whole life cost, and this will be incorporated into the operation, as well as a new influent specification of 12 tonnes per day COD capacity.
For the reactor, we use a transparent plastic cylinder to hold two membrane modules, and the influent fluid was flowed from upper side to the lower outlet, and the flow rate was controlled by a peristaltic pump (longer BT50-1J, Baoding, PRC), and the membrane made of polyvinyl chloride membrane with hydrophobicity alloy fiber was used in the study.
1998 study relating to domestic wastewater influent COD concentrations varied between 248 mg/L and 291 mg/L and effluent COD concentrations varied between 42 mg/L and 53 mg/L [22].
It can be used anywhere in the waste water treatment process, from the influent or start of the nitrification process where ammonia levels are at their highest to the effluent where ammonia levels are at their lowest.
Uses and applications for COD testing include industrial and municipal wastewater influent and effluent, industrial process water, and environmental applications.