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1. Occurring or completed without perceptible delay: Relief was instantaneous.
2. Done or made as quickly or directly as possible: an instantaneous reply to my letter.
3. Present or occurring at a specific instant: instantaneous velocity; instantaneous pressure.

[From Medieval Latin īnstantāneus, from Latin īnstāns, īnstant-, present; see instant.]

in·stan′ta·ne′i·ty (ĭn-stăn′tə-nē′ĭ-tē, ĭn′stən-) n.
in′stan·ta′ne·ous·ly adv.
in′stan·ta′ne·ous·ness n.
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If that dark day offered a stark insight into Big Tech's complicity in platforming atrocities in all their bloody instantaneity, Epstein's death offered the most chilling example yet of its ability to A-propagate and legitimise conspiratorial utterances mere minutes after the event.
The instantaneity and connectivity of the internet allow new digital pollution to flow in unprecedented ways.
Such need for speed and feeling of an immediate experience of instantaneity with media were ideas that were also developed by the British programmer John von Neumann.
The instantaneity of communication and money transfer has led to what some scholars describe as 'co-presence' (Baldassar et al.
In a neoliberal market economy fueled by unfettered consumerism, planned obsolescence and instantaneity, it may be that the State has an active role to play in assessing, managing and perhaps even regulating temporal pressures, with a view to ensuring that all societal issues be (re) situated in the broader, more enduring context suitable for sound decisions and democratic deliberations.
Rather than fetishizing the purity or instantaneity of this approach, McFarland engages durationally with his images, photographing a single vista over the course of a few weeks.
Instantaneity is at the heart of the most successful global payment system, until date, i.e., cash, with digital transactions forming a mere 20 per cent of total transactions, said a statement.
Because of the instantaneity and tremendousness of explosion energy, the effect of gravity and other live load are neglected during such short period.
Different from the steganography methods based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) [30], the proposed method will be applied to nonreal-time audio data in covert wireless communication, in which the hiding capacity, instantaneity, and security are concerned.
But can a poem borrow instantaneity from a pictorial illustration?
Nowadays, with the aid of streaming and the instantaneity of music, everyone can be plugged into everything.

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