kangaroo mouse

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Noun1.Kangaroo mouse - small silky-haired pouched rodentkangaroo mouse - small silky-haired pouched rodent; similar to but smaller than kangaroo rats
pocket rat - any of various rodents with cheek pouches
2.kangaroo mouse - leaping rodent of Australian desert areas
jerboa rat - large Australian rat with hind legs adapted for leaping
genus Notomys, Notomys - jerboa rats
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Tino the tortoise, a desert tortoise, is a friendly guide, with his friend Rudi, the jumping Jeroba (a desert kangaroo mouse), who begin a mission to help their friend Penny the Kaibab squirrel.
Talk earnestly about the beauty of the kangaroo mouse, convey the image of a man who deeply loves and understands the creatures of the wild and imply that your opponent knows a great deal in a coldly scientific way, but does he really care?
My son caught a tiny kangaroo mouse he kept in a gallon glass jar with a net tied across the top when we weren't playing with it.