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n. pl. kanji or kan·jis
1. A Japanese system of writing based on borrowed or modified Chinese characters.
2. A character used in this system of writing.

[Japanese : kan, Chinese (from Middle Chinese xan`); see Han1 + ji, character (from Middle Chinese dzı̷h; also the source of Mandarin and akin to Mandarin , child, since certain characters were said to be derived from simpler characters, and ultimately derived from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *tsa, child; akin to Tibetan tsha, grandchild).]
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(ˈkændʒɪ; ˈkɑːn-)
n, pl -ji or -jis
1. (Letters of the Alphabet (Foreign)) a Japanese writing system using characters mainly derived from Chinese ideograms
2. (Letters of the Alphabet (Foreign)) a character in this system
[Japanese, from Chinese han Chinese + zi character]
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(ˈkɑn dʒi)

a system of Japanese writing using Chinese-derived characters.
[1915–20; < Japanese]
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Reports state that nine trucks had ferried 291 cows to Dailekh from Nepalgunj's Kanji House run by the sub-metropolis to keep stray cattle.
In another incident near the city Mirpurkhas at Shahi Water, 12 years old Kanji Bheel, son of Photo Bheel, was bitten by snake while he was getting water from hand pump as a result his condition was deteriorated and he was brought to civil hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.
In another incident near the city, 12-year-old Kanji Bheel, son of Photo Bheel, was bitten by a snake while he was getting water from a hand pump.
On the one hand was my desire to have some cold kanji (porridge) to bypass the sick tooth, and on the other was an alluring Big Bite.
Danjuma said vigilante groups from Kanji village, Mahuta district, Fakai Local Government Area of the state, arrested two men - Muhammad Dankarami and Muhammadu Buda of Maidangwami village, alleged to be kidnappers.
I found it difficult to write the kanji,' Aripin said, smiling wryly.
Soon there are two, then three of the colorful goblins, each with its own number written in kanji on its back.
However, the staple kanji (rice or wheat and meat porridge) still stands close to each Lankan heart, said Samsul.
Hibiki Yamada finished off one length of the field effort with Kanji Futamura scorching over in the corner with another long range effort.
Scorers - Wales: Tries: Luke Yendle, Harri Doel, Dean James, Gwilym Bradley, Leo Gilliland; Cons - Josh Thomas (3) Japan High Schools: Tries: Ryuki Hoshino, Seung Sin Lee, Polomea Kata Finau, Hibiki Yamada, Kanji Futamura; Cons - Taisei Konishi (2).
Daniel Kanji, Johness Chacha, Collins Mungai and Boniface Muthee are charged with trafficking 8.8kg of bhang valued at Sh177,800.