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n. Abbr. L
The unit of luminance in the centimeter-gram-second system, equivalent to the luminance of a perfectly diffusing surface that emits or reflects one lumen per square centimeter.

[After Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728-1777), German physicist and astronomer.]
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(Units) the cgs unit of illumination, equal to 1 lumen per square centimetre. Symbol: L
[named after J. H. Lambert (1728–77), German mathematician and physicist]


(Biography) Constant. 1905–51, English composer and conductor. His works include much ballet music and The Rio Grande (1929), a work for chorus, orchestra, and piano, using jazz idioms
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(ˈlæm bərt)

the cgs unit of luminance or brightness, equivalent to 0.32 candles per square centimeter and equal to the brightness of a perfectly diffusing surface emitting or reflecting one lumen per square centimeter. Abbr.: L
[1910–15; after Johann Heinrich Lambert (1728–77), German mathematician]
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Noun1.lambert - a cgs unit of illumination equal to the brightness of a perfectly diffusing surface that emits or reflects one lumen per square centimeterlambert - a cgs unit of illumination equal to the brightness of a perfectly diffusing surface that emits or reflects one lumen per square centimeter
illumination unit - a measure of illumination
2.Lambert - English composer and conductor (1905-1951)
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