land tenure

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: tenure - the right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands
legal right - a right based in law
copyhold - a medieval form of land tenure in England; a copyhold was a parcel of land granted to a peasant by the lord of the manor in return for agricultural services
freehold - tenure by which land is held in fee simple or for life
villeinage - tenure by which a villein held land
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He saw just the same thing in the socialistic books: either they were the beautiful but impracticable fantasies which had fascinated him when he was a student, or they were attempts at improving, rectifying the economic position in which Europe was placed, with which the system of land tenure in Russia had nothing in common.
Marikina City is now free from illegal settlers after 9,000 families were assured of security of land tenure through the help of the Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC).
'We need to improve [Cordillera] land tenure because these areas have been occupied for many years but are still classified as forestlands,' said Ralph Pablo, DENR director in the Cordillera.
This FAO-implemented project is working with 12,600 farming households on how to adopt climate resilient and adaptive agriculture, water and livestock practices, while at the same time, raising awareness of these farmers and other stakeholders about how improved governance of land tenure contributes to food security.
However, at a recent housing conference hosted in the city, it was revealed that the rapid expansion has presented a housing crisis.A report recently tabled before the county's Cabinet noted that it would have been easier for Kenya's third city to meet the housing demands were it not for land tenure challenges.
Botswana Land Policy had made pronouncements that necessitated consolidation of the land-related Acts and creation of unified Land Authorities at local level to be responsible for all land tenure system.
She said secure land tenure for vulnerable populations forms the foundation for food security and promoting sustainable land use.
Rights to Land is an empirically grounded guide for policymakers and lawyers on South Africa's land tenure reform and land restitution programmes.
Amiyuure, the land tenure system has been seen in various ways to obstruct rather than promote development.
Summary: For most of the world's poor and vulnerable people, secure property rights, including land tenure, are a rarely accessible luxury.
Summary: An international consensus has emerged regarding the importance of secure land tenure for development outcomes.