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One that owns land.

land′own′er·ship′ n.
land′own′ing adj. & n.
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[ˈlændəʊnɪŋ] ADJterrateniente
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The moment that the peasant forsakes his life of toil pure and simple for the leisured existence of the landowning classes, he becomes intolerable.
They are drawn from two classes only, the old landowning class, and clerical families--"
These communities were envisioned as areas similar to gated subdivisions, thus providing 'dignity' to landowning families.
125,000 people want to see all wild life protected for the future, and expects major landowning organisations to respond Yorkshire Water's response basically is to say "it is too difficult" and it "would upset our partners".
KARACHI -- While seeking details from landowning organisations on the roads which have been commercialised in their respective jurisdictions, the Sindh Environmental Protection Agency (Sepa) has warned the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) and the landowning organisations that they must not allow any 'development' unless approval is granted by Sepa.
These political parties don't seem bothered about any tax payments for the advertisements to any of the landowning agencies.
The book describes the Mamluk stateAEs taxation and structure of its army, then investigates factors that tipped the balance toward protest, such as population and demographic changes, racial groups, rise of the Bedouin and Bedouinization, social mobility, the landowning class, and social malaise.
He came from the Sindh province too, and was from a wealthy, landowning family.
In the world of The August 5, there are two groups of people: the affluent, landowning Zunft and the Cottagers, thought only to be programmed to obey the Zunft.
"This is a concern because farmers and other landowning businesses in the North are often unincorporated.
The researcher prepared a list of the total candidates (elites) from the election and categorized into six elites groups (landowning military bureaucracy religious industrialist and professional elites).
The Yadav are, at present, mostly a landowning community, with large sections being small-scale farmers.