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Noun1.light arm - a rifle or pistol
weapon, weapon system, arm - any instrument or instrumentality used in fighting or hunting; "he was licensed to carry a weapon"
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For a long moment she was silent; and in that moment Archer imagined her, almost heard her, stealing up behind him to throw her light arms about his neck.
The old man eluded the annihilating blows of his adversary, as the light armed soldier is wont to escape the efforts of the more regular warrior, even while he annoys him most, and an hour passed away without bringing any of the numerous subjects, on which they touched, to a satisfactory conclusion.
For example, you can do a little easy biking, or walking and light arm pumping first.
Thus, designing an improved light arm means designing a counterbalance mechanism that minimizes the imbalance.
"I cannot believe that hundreds (of rebels) are entering Syria with their weapons while Jordan is capable of arresting any single person with a light arm for going to resist in Palestine," he said.
At first glance, a New Ultra Light Arm's action resembles a Remington Model 700.
Meanwhile, 87 were light arms and the rest are improvised or homemade firearms, the PNP said.
Photo - @OmanTourism/Twitter A statement from the Ministry of Tourism said, "From Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 'Bait Al-Radeeda Light Arms Exhibition' will be open in the first phase from Wednesday to Sunday from 9 am to 4 pm.
Umar claimed the killings occurred due to reprisals and proliferation of light arms in the area.
But it also calls for all insurgent groups operating inside the area to leave by October 15, although Turkish-backed forces will reportedly be allowed to stay in the zones with light arms. Turkey has the onus to enforce this term, and requires it to exert control over groups that may not cede to the agreement.
Last week, security authorities in Marib announced seizing a shipment of light arms destined for Al Houthis.
According to the state's Commissioner of police, Mr Fimihan Adeoye, visible efforts were being intensified to recover all categories of light arms in possession of unauthorised individuals, most especially pump action rifles.

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