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Noun1.loading zone - a stop where carriers can be loaded and unloaded
stop - a spot where something halts or pauses; "his next stop is Atlanta"
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We also added a bus loading zone in front of Gregory Intermediate and moved the handicapped parking to the west by the teachers parking (Signs will be posted and the ground marked) to get the bus closer to the sidewalk for safer loading and unloading of our students.
The external area around the loading zone is enclosed with an aluminium frame fitted with clear Perspex panels and a vertically sliding pneumatic safety door fitted to the middle of the front panel.
'I am giving him full authority kung anong tingin niyang engineering problem diyan - U-turn, orange barrier, unloading and loading zone - it's up to him,' Garcia said in the press briefing.
The applicants are also seeking a 30-foot-wide parking entrance along Washington Street and a 30-foot-wide loading zone on Alder Street.
The model SC-4 clamp is commonly used to keep skirtboard rubber in place on the conveyor loading zone or transfer point.
According toArup, the company behind the idea, a "single FlexKerb segment could function as a cycle path at rush hour, a pedestrian plaza at lunchtime, a [driverless car] rank in the evening and a loading zone overnight."
This Grieve conveyor oven has a 4' long open belt loading zone and 4' long open unloading zone.
After cleaning from dust and dirt, materials are transferred to the first loading zone. Degreasing of the metal surface is carried out in the first bath with a degreasing chemical called Keboclean VZS.
Parking meters will have signage indicating the new passenger loading zone on the south side of Main Street between Fifth and Sixth streets.
Customers are instructed to call the shop when they arrive to the Loading Zone in the middle of the block on 3rd Street between South Tryon Street and South College Street.
Table 2 for the cathode loading zone and Table 3 for the wire drawing zone show the measurement results of the minimum temperature [T.sub.min] (measured in 2014), the maximum temperature [T.sub.max] (observed from 2014 to 2017) and the temperature difference [DELTA]T reflecting the increase in the average operating temperatures in the zones due to the melt flowing into the lining.