look forward

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Verb1.look forward - expect or hope for; "I look to hear from you soon"
await, expect, wait, look - look forward to the probable occurrence of; "We were expecting a visit from our relatives"; "She is looking to a promotion"; "he is waiting to be drafted"
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těšit se
esperartener pensado
ernaar uitkijken omuitkijken naar
nie móc się doczekać
veseliti se
References in classic literature ?
"I shall look forward very much to your return," she added in a whisper.
"'I shall look forward very much to your return....' Yes, yes, how did she say it?
But I still look forward, Nell, I still look forward, and if I should be forced to leave thee, meanwhile, how have I fitted thee for struggles with the world?
My kind friends here are most affectionately urgent with me to prolong my stay, but their hospitable and cheerful dispositions lead them too much into society for my present situation and state of mind; and I impatiently look forward to the hour when I shall be admitted into Your delightful retirement.
There are family reasons, connected with the hateful subject of money, which make me look forward with anything but pleasure to my next interview with my uncle.
We were told this when young, and taught to look forward to it as an event that would certainly take place.
I love Elizabeth and look forward to our union with delight.
To look forward to the gratification of some desire, to the gratification of some passion, love, ambition, hate--hate too indubitably.
In half an hour more, I shall be condemned to a long journey in the company of that horrible creature--with a life to look forward to, in the same house with her, among strangers!
"In the time to come--when you only remember how kind you once were to me--we may look forward to meeting again.
I look forward to reading to you and writing for you, as some girls look forward to a new dress, or a first ball.
If you are an RN working in any one of countless clinical sites, we look forward to seeing you at the Unity Conference.