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An assembly plant in Mexico, especially one along the border between the United States and Mexico, to which foreign materials and parts are shipped and from which the finished product is returned to the original market.

[American Spanish, place where the miller's fee is paid, maquiladora, from Spanish maquila, portion received by the miller in return for milling one's grain, from Old Spanish, from Arabic makīla, measured, measure of capacity, feminine passive participle of kāla, to measure; see kwl in Semitic roots.]
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(məˌkiːləˈdɔːrə) or


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a foreign-owned factory in Mexico which uses cheap Mexican labour to assemble products and then exports the products back to the country of origin
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(məˌki ləˈdɔr ə)
n., pl. -ras.
a factory run by a U.S. company in Mexico to take advantage of cheap labor and lax regulation.
[1975–80; < Mexican Spanish < Sp maquilar to assemble]
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Noun1.maquiladora - an assembly plant in Mexico (near the United States border)maquiladora - an assembly plant in Mexico (near the United States border); parts are shipped into Mexico and the finished product is shipped back across the border
assembly plant - a factory where manufactured parts are assembled into a finished product
U.S.A., United States, United States of America, US, USA, America, the States, U.S. - North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776
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Could a nearshoring bonanza similar to the maquiladora phenomenon be a solution to the talent crunch for businesses and also help the host nations as well?
Cartes pinned his hopes for an economic turnaround in Paraguay on new incentives and regulations for maquiladora (assembly and manufacturing) plants; a public-private partnership scheme called the Alianza Publico Privada (APP) to develop infrastructure and create jobs; and legislation aimed at boosting youth employment.
El proposito es visualizar, grosso modo, su distribucion por rama productiva para dar cuenta del reparto de la industria maquiladora en Tijuana.
and its maquiladora, International Industrial Services S.A.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 22, 2016-Quantum Plastics Acquires Plasticos Promex, Maquiladora
What is more, the majority of the maquiladora workforce is made up of young, single women who are forced to work in harsh conditions for long hours at minimum wage and who "may find their work situation unrewarding.
The records of the National Institute of Statistics and Information (INEGI, 2005) show that the export maquiladora companies at the national level offer sources of employment to 1,115,230 persons, i.
Al plantearse una preocupacion por identificar los cambios y las continuidades en la industria maquiladora a 40 anos de existencia en el pais, le agrega informacion y analisis relevantes al conocimiento acerca del genero y trabajo en la maquiladora.
As of February 2013, MFI is the only maquiladora (manufacturing company) of its kind to have a Corporate Mexican Customs Broker License.