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Half pausing for an instant now and then to smite his pocket and assure himself of the safety of his master key, he hurried on to Barbican, and turning into one of the narrowest of the narrow streets which diverged from that centre, slackened his pace and wiped his heated brow, as if the termination of his walk were near at hand.
Surveillance video shows the new employee taking a master key to the hotel's fourth floor, at which point the video suddenly cuts off.
Lovett has said he had the authority - and the master key - to enter Wright's office.
During a short two-day trial, the jury of seven men and five women were shown CCTV footage of Mr Vincent in the accommodation office opening a drawer where the master keys are kept and leaving for 20 minutes before returning carrying a silver tablet.
The phenomenal growth of WiFi Master Key is perhaps due to its capability to empower anyone to go online via free Internet access, especially in developing and underdeveloped countries.
Well written and illustrated, The Master Key guides the reader through a process that Peng says will result in becoming "a genuinely happy individual."
Except for an pairwise key, which is shared between two sensor nodes, an individual key, which is shared between each sensor node and the base station, a common cluster key for each cluster, and a master key for all sensor nodes are also required.
Online phase is recovering the master key stored by using an encryption oracle.
"So I took the master key and entered the room where they kept the electronics.
The vulnerability -- known in some quarters as the 'master key' vulnerability -- has attracted considerable media attention, but it has not always been accurately reported.
The title story "Door to Anywhere" examines a near future where matter is transmitted to the stars, where other stories consider worlds of magic, a consideration of life on earth over forty years after World War III, and the worlds of the Lensman brought to life in "The Master Key'.
The charges were related to a campus master key Gillean allegedly shared with a UCA student, who used the key to break into offices and steal exams and prescription medications.

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