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Having or showing the knowledge or skill of a master. See Usage Note at masterful.
With the skill of a master.

mas′ter·li·ness n.
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بَراعَه ومَهارَه
meistarlegur/valdsmannslegur háttur


(ˈmaːstə) feminine mistress (ˈmistris) noun
1. a person or thing that commands or controls. I'm master in this house!
2. an owner (of a slave, dog etc). The dog ran to its master.
3. a male teacher. the Maths master.
4. the commander of a merchant ship. the ship's master.
5. a person very skilled in an art, science etc. He's a real master at painting.
6. (with capital) a polite title for a boy, in writing or in speaking. Master John Smith.
(of a person in a job) fully qualified, skilled and experienced. a master builder/mariner/plumber.
1. to overcome (an opponent, handicap etc). She has mastered her fear of heights.
2. to become skilful in. I don't think I'll ever master arithmetic.
ˈmasterful adjective
showing the power, authority or determination of a master. a masterful man.
ˈmasterfully adverb
ˈmasterfulness noun
ˈmasterly adjective
showing the skill of a master. His handling of the situation was masterly.
ˈmasterliness noun
ˈmastery noun
(usually with over or of) control, great skill or knowledge. We have gained mastery over the enemy.
master key
a key which opens a number of locks.
ˈmastermind noun
the person planning and controlling an undertaking or scheme. He was the mastermind behind the scheme.
to plan (such a scheme). Who masterminded the robbery?
ˈmasterpiece noun
a piece of work or art worthy (to be called the greatest achievement) of a master. He considers this picture his masterpiece.
master stroke
a very clever thing to do. This sudden, unexpected attack was a master stroke.
master switch
a switch for controlling a number of other switches. There is a master switch that controls all the electricity.
master of ceremonies abbreviation ( MC)
a person who announces the various stages of an entertainment, formal social gathering, series of speakers at a dinner etc. The master of ceremonies introduced the speaker.
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An individual body, which has masterliness that clients do not possess and is devoted to judge and unmask peril of cloud storage services on favor of the clients upon appeal.
enlightenment education instruction training study schooling knowledge erudition intelligence sageness wisdom excellence discernment sharpness reason ability masterliness talent inspiration capacity formation progress advancement development cultivation certainty understanding discrimination clarity judgement perception sensibility expressivity urbanity socialization
Moreover, Breton ignored, or more likely misunderstood, the artist's reason for working in this way, namely that it abetted his efforts to achieve masterliness. Thus, Gorky was able to continue the "classical" tradition of European art.