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 (mĭd′lĭng, -lĭn)
1. Of medium size, position, or quality.
2. Mediocre. See Synonyms at average.
1. Chiefly Southern US
a. often middlings Pork or bacon cut from between the ham and shoulder of a pig.
b. Salt pork. Also called middling meat.
2. middlings Any of various products, such as partially refined petroleum or ore, that are intermediate in quality, size, price, or grade.
3. middlings(used with a sing. or pl. verb) Coarsely ground wheat mixed with bran.
adv. Informal
Fairly; moderately: "a middling nice cake" (Hatfield MA Valley Advocate).

[Probably Middle English midlin : mid, mid; see mid1 + -ling, having a quality; see -ling1.]

mid′dling·ly adv.
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pl n
1. (Cookery) the poorer or coarser part of flour or other products
2. (Commerce) commodities of intermediate grade, quality, size, or price
3. (Cookery) chiefly US the part of a pig between the ham and shoulder
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The middle state is therefore best, as being least liable to those seditions and insurrections which disturb the community; and for the same reason extensive governments are least liable to these inconveniences; for there those in a middle state are very numerous, whereas in small ones it is easy to pass to the two extremes, so as hardly to have any in a medium remaining, but the one half rich, the other poor: and from the same principle it is that democracies are more firmly established and of longer continuance than oligarchies; but even in those when there is a want of a proper number of men of middling fortune, the poor extend their power too far, abuses arise, and the government is soon at an end.
There are scenes of all sorts; some dreadful combats, some grand and lofty horse-riding, some scenes of high life, and some of very middling indeed; some love-making for the sentimental, and some light comic business; the whole accompanied by appropriate scenery and brilliantly illuminated with the Author's own candles.
"I might get some power and distinction by mere mediocrity, as they do; at least I should get those middling satisfactions which make men contented to do without great ones.
She worked me middling hard for about an hour, and then the widow made her ease up.
"Middling bad, sir." Ransome's eyes gazed steadily into mine.
But if we even could suppose a distinction of interest between the opulent landholder and the middling farmer, what reason is there to conclude, that the first would stand a better chance of being deputed to the national legislature than the last?
Alfred Tennyson when we passed him in Regent Street, calling at publishers' offices for cheque, when 'Will you take care of it, or shall I?' I asked gaily, and she would be certain to reply, 'I'm thinking we'd better take it to the bank and get the money,' for she always felt surer of money than of cheques; so to the bank we went ('Two tens, and the rest in gold'), and thence straightway (by cab) to the place where you buy sealskin coats for middling old ladies.
He had asked in a loud voice of the middling funny gentleman (then in the middle of a song) whether he thought Joey would be long in coming, and when at last Joey did come he screamed out, "How do you do, Joey!" and went into convulsions of mirth.
He was a stout young man of middling height, who, with a plain face and ungraceful form, seemed fearful of being too handsome unless he wore the dress of a groom, and too much like a gentleman unless he were easy where he ought to be civil, and impudent where he might be allowed to be easy.
"You did look middling bad a little while ago," the chief mate remarked without showing any great concern.
Nineteen fair to middling Wallachian girls offered at L130 @