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Noun1.mine field - a tract of land containing explosive minesmine field - a tract of land containing explosive mines
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Countless were the vessels and men that passed over our eastern and western horizons never to return; but whether they met their fates before the belching tubes of submarines or among the aimlessly drifting mine fields, no man lived to tell.
The official affirmed that happened when the army repelled the infiltration attempt in Ajasher desert, off Najran, adding that the army drew the mercenaries toward a mine field during that attempt, where they had set up an ambush, leaving huge losses in their ranks.
Psychological depth is well-drawn and compelling, the story line offers much insight into Sam's recovery and choices, and suspense is nicely designed to keep readers on edge and immersed as Sam makes his way through a mine field of options and makes some bad decisions.
A Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation-owned mine in the Sur-range coal mine field, 60 kilometres east of Quetta, was hit by a mudslide.
A minefield of dog poo I'M disgusted by the amount of dog mess around Moelfre, the cliff path is like a mine field of dog poo and you got to look where you are walking and not enjoying the views of the beautiful scenery around here.
The attenuation rate of spring quantity in the mine field of Yushuwan, Mawangmiao, and Zhujiata is 40-50%.
The British, US and Dutch diplomats visiting Surif mine field.
"European countries are still acting with carelessness, it's like dancing on a mine field," he said.
The culinary challenge was as daunting and full of risk and danger as having to walk (on eggs!) across a mine field in Cambodia!
The mine field in Soma is owned by Turkish Coal Enterprises (TKy) and operated by Soma KE[micro]mE-rcE-lE-k A.E[currency]., which is owned by Soma Holding, and which pays 15 percent of its profits to the TKy.
Erol Rizaov comments for Utrinski vesnik that while Gruevski and Ahmeti in its sham-like negotiations for the new government are walking on a mine field, former SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski exploded like a mine.
Summary: Gokkan, who is conducting hunger strike in open mine field near border checkpoint, says it is 'unacceptable' to build wall between Kurdish people.