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Verb1.misfunction - fail to function or function improperlymisfunction - fail to function or function improperly; "the coffee maker malfunctioned"
conk out, go bad, break down, die, fail, give out, give way, break, go - stop operating or functioning; "The engine finally went"; "The car died on the road"; "The bus we travelled in broke down on the way to town"; "The coffee maker broke"; "The engine failed on the way to town"; "her eyesight went after the accident"
jam - get stuck and immobilized; "the mechanism jammed"
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It's a brain misfunction. You're not going to cure it that way."
It's a misfunction of plumbing from which none of us will die.
At a closer look, it seems that the potential misfunction which Smith locates in the imaginative workings of sympathy is not entirely unfamiliar to Burke, who faces a similar difficulty when, right before the passage on the tormented man and the threatened dog, in a section devoted specifically to association, he addresses the etiological problem of the origin or efficient cause of the passions.
Finding this explanation persuasive, some jurists have argued that tying arrangements "may protect the reputation of the tying product if failure to use the tied product in conjunction with it may cause it to misfunction." (185) Although the Supreme Court has "uniformly rejected similar 'goodwill' defenses for tying arrangements, finding that the use of contractual quality specifications are generally sufficient to protect quality without the use of a tying arrangement," (186) some lower courts have been more receptive to this defense.
His meticulous and exhaustive analysis of this "systeme predictif" reveals how more often than not these attempts to foresee if not control the future misfunction. But paradoxically, as with the writer's condemnation of figural language, the misfiring of destiny as figured in the text prompts Kliebenstein to turn to the narrative figures, "figures de recit," which could account for the "systemes stendhaliens" that are in fact "anti-systemes": "L'aventure stendhalienne est le lieu d'une desorganisation systematique des 'suites d'actions' dont pourrait rendre compte ...
The same kinase can also be the culprit that leads to misfunction, or disease.