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1. Of, relating to, or based on a module or modulus.
2. Constructed out of usually prefabricated units with standardized dimensions, allowing for easy assembly and flexible arrangement: modular furniture; modular homes.
3. Mathematics
a. Of or relating to fields having a characteristic greater than zero.
b. Of or relating to structured equivalence classes.
4. Biology Relating to, exhibiting, or being a pattern of growth in which similar morphological units, called modules, are added repeatedly.

mod′u·lar n.
mod′u·lar′i·ty (-lăr′ĭ-tē) n.
mod′u·lar·ly adv.
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(Units) from a modular point of view
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Speaking on the launch the company's VP said that its IP PBX software is one of the most comprehensive and modularly scalable package in the market.
Wartsila Modular Block solution is an extensively pre-fabricated, modularly configurable, and expandable enclosure with quick delivery and onsite installation time.
"Based on extensive and encouraging preclinical results, we have enhanced our ability to modularly combine this proprietary off-the-shelf t-haNK-based therapy with a wide range of monoclonal antibodies using this multi-targeted approach.
Owing to their modular design, the cabling systems can keep pace with the expansion of the airport and can be expanded modularly in just a few simple steps.
Robots, chutes and induction stations can be added modularly at any time with no interruption or downtime, and additional robots can be added in seconds.
This network of parks will be flexibly designed to adapt to emerging technology trends in the Data Center industry and will be scaled modularly to meet the customer demands.
The bus's spacious interior also boasts double seats as well as a sub-seat to modularly accommodate more passengers.
In addition to providing a space-saving, modularly and extremely rugged designed unit, the ACD 200.1 presents a user-friendly system concept.
The Army's answer is in thinking more modularly about autonomy, at least as applicable technologies, and the Army does so through its Robotic Operating System-Military, or ROS-M.
Completely customized: Gearhead solutions modularly configured
Unlike other options Stealth's products are designed to be modularly deployable into an existing security stack.