national church

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na′tional church′

an independent church within a country, usu. representing the prevalent religion. Compare established church.
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Perhaps you think he was not--as he ought to have been--a living demonstration of the benefits attached to a national church? But I am not sure of that; at least I know that the people in Broxton and Hayslope would have been very sorry to part with their clergyman, and that most faces brightened at his approach; and until it can be proved that hatred is a better thing for the soul than love, I must believe that Mr.
Since late 2015, when the national church started returning settlement agreement funds to the dioceses, many have announced plans to use the money for Indigenous ministry.
The new words were endorsed and redistributed by the U.S.A.'s National Council of the Churches of Christ, the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, the Presbyterian Church in Canada and several other national church websites.
We nonconservatives remain, small in number but mighty in will, as the larger drama plays out in our local church, the Diocese of Virginia, and the national Church.
At the National Church, a halfdrank worker named Narcisse Soiffard asks if his daughter might take communion, even though she hasn't the time for catechism classes.
A lay group meeting before Katholikentag, an annual national church assembly, has called for a national church financial strategy to fight budget shortfalls.
If the laity succeed "in creating structures at the national Church level that are more responsive to lay concerns, they could begin to dissolve the hierarchy.
The congregation of the All Saints Church--an Episcopal church and one of the largest in South Carolina--voted on January 8 to leave the national church over its support for gays and lesbians, including the consecration of openly gay bishop V.
Besides data from Baptist sources and material from the National Church Life Survey, in which Baptists participated, important data also came from the 1991 National Population and Housing Census, a government source.
As a lifelong journalist and corporate communicator, I couldn't agree more with outgoing Journal editor Kristin Jenkins's plea for the national church not to imminently further starve or kill the print version of the Anglican Journal as a part of its seemingly never-ending restructurings!
As a long term elder at Graceview Presbyterian, Etobicoke, I have been concerned with the shrinkage in membership of our national church. The Record over the past year has not only provided information on the decline but has reported success stories such as Oro Community Presbyterian in the Orillia area, Grace Calgary, and Central Vancouver, to name a few.
Sir, - I, for one, rejoiced when our national Church leaders protested at No.10 against any further killing of the people of Iraq.

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