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A narrowing of a roadway, as at an intersection in a residential neighborhood, intended to slow vehicular traffic and to increase the safety of pedestrians.
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He covered his client from the base of the neckdown to his feet, gathering it, fashioning folds, other folds forminginvoluntarily, finally taking care to tuck the fabric tightly betweenthe skin and the collar of the shirt.
A ROAD accident in 1996 left Chandigarh resident Harman Singh Sidhu paralysed neckdown and confined him to a wheelchair forever.
Tubing Types: Single-lumen, multi-lumen, paratubing, thermal-bonding, profiles, rods, funnel tubing, neckdown tubing, heat seals, stripes, printing, radiopaque and custom colors.
Another alternative utilizes series quarter-wave transformers going away from the neckdown area.
Also, a longer distance to the roll nip can result in excessive neckdown of the sheet width.
Could be a neckdown or pinchpoint that funnels cats, or a shallow riffle that slows their progress just a bit.
New MultiScan software from Beta LaserMike in Dayton, Ohio, detects missing profiles or strands and also gives lump and neckdown reports.
Instrumentation: Non-contact diameter gauges, ultrasonic, eddy current based wall thickness monitoring/control systems for hose, cable jackets, tubes, pipes; bench top diameter measuring instruments for QC; non-contact sheet thickness gauges; OD/ID/wall monitoring, control systems with color display, optical lump/ neckdown detector, spark testers for cables, inductive wire preheaters; SQC/SPC data acquisition reporting, logging systems, plus PC link networking software.
Nearshore neckdowns and saddles can be early-season hotspots as well.