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Adj.1.nonrepresentative - not standing for something else
representative - standing for something else; "the bald eagle is representative of the United States"
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Instead, the article presents case studies of several end users and explores the features and functions of products from a nonrepresentative sample of vendors.
Of course, I'm not an education specialist, and my common-sense arguments about Britannica's wealth of information coupled with its utterly convenient access fell on deaf ears, as I learned after an informal and statistically nonrepresentative survey of a few college libraries.
In "Repressive Tolerance" (1969), Marcuse advanced the notion that there was no freedom to be wrong and that right could be determined by the voice of a mass meeting however nonrepresentative or small it might be.
The results "confirm the age and sex differences reported in nonrepresentative samples," says Jacques.
ASIA Country % married % single Total BANGLADESH 96 4 100 MALAYSIA 91 9 100 NEPAL 88 12 100 SINGAPORE 68 32 100 SRI LANKA 98 2 100 TURKEY 98 2 100 VIETNAM 96 4 100 LATIN AMERICA Country % married % single Total BRAZIL 39 61 100 COLOMBIA 72 28 100 DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 88 12 100 PERU 88 12 100 EUROPE Country % married % single Total ALBANIA 97 3 100 BELGIUM 34 66 100 CZECH REPUBLIC 61 39 100 ENGLAND & WALES 21 79 100 FINLAND 27 73 100 GERMANY 53 47 100 HUNGARY 52 48 100 ITALY 57 43 100 NETHERLANDS 50 50 100 SPAIN 33 67 100 Notes: Data for Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and all four Latin American countries are based on nonrepresentative samples of women hospitalized for abortion complications.
Despite millions of dollars raised and spent, these subversives failed to capture the House of Representatives until 1994, when, thanks to President's Clinton's political ineptitude, they were able to shift enough of the flat rocks of the republic to provide the Republican Party with a truly weird, squirming majority of nonrepresentative (let us hope) representatives.
The typical experimental investigation deals with one variable in isolation from others and tests fairly abstract outcomes (e.g., positive affect toward a spokesperson in the advertisement) on nonrepresentative samples.
Because of the small nonrepresentative sample, the data are offered to stimulate further investigation of the effects of the mass media on females' development.
This is particularly troublesome in the beginning, when a nonrepresentative group of technically savvy members dominate the new communication medium, he contends.
Sampling of vessels and boats was nonproportional (nonrepresentative) since there were too many boats being interviewed in the inshore shrimp fishery relative to vessels in 1965.
Through these channels, well-organized but nonrepresentative individuals can raise bogus issues.
Low cooperation rates may make the sample nonrepresentative, especially if those declining to participate are different from sample respondents in ways that affect the responses to the variables under study.