ocean floor

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Noun1.ocean floor - the bottom of a sea or oceanocean floor - the bottom of a sea or ocean  
abyssal zone - the deep sea (2000 meters or more) where there is no light
bed, bottom - a depression forming the ground under a body of water; "he searched for treasure on the ocean bed"
continental shelf - the relatively shallow (up to 200 meters) seabed surrounding a continent
bathyal district, bathyal zone, continental slope - the steep descent of the seabed from the continental shelf to the abyssal zone
neritic zone - the ocean waters from the low tide mark to a depth of about 100 fathoms
twilight zone - the lowest level of the ocean to which light can reach
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For the scene before him was but the background in his brain for the vision of peace that was his--a vision that was his often during long nights on the bridge when the old Tryapsic wallowed on the vexed ocean floor, her decks awash, her rigging thrumming in the gale gusts or snow squalls or driving tropic rain.
* Coral reefs cover 0.2 percent of the ocean floor. The Great Barrier Reef, located off northeastern Australia, is 2,027 kilometers (1,260 miles) long-the largest coral reef in the world.
Unlike most other cloaking techniques that rely on transformation optics, this one is based on the influence of the ocean floor's topography on the various "layers" of ocean water.
The brown seaweed called kelp reaches from the ocean floor to the water's surface, usually spanning 10 to 20 meters, says Benjamin S.
To outwit hungry predators, for example, the hand-size fish hunkers down on the ocean floor, looking more like an algae-covered rock than a tasty meal.
"A French naval vessel has detected a weak signal from the flight data recorders, and a mini submarine was dispatched on Monday to try and find the black boxes at the bottom of the ocean floor," The Telegraph quoted a French newspaper Le Monde.
They explore the frozen landscape and the ocean floor to learn how organisms living in the mud are affected by fishing.
Lamellibrachia [lah-meh-lee-BRA-kia] inhabits the Gulf of Mexico's ocean floor. Marine biologists determined the tubeworm's lifespan by measuring the length of 650 specimens, then estimating their growth rate (change in size over time) for several years.
They sit hundreds of meters below the permafrost in the northern latitudes and, in even greater abundance, in sediments beneath the ocean floor. What's more, the gas is locked in place under low temperatures and high pressures, which make this icy source of energy difficult to tap.
He'd done his dissertation on organic matter that sinks to the ocean floor, but he'd never seen a whale down there.
This resulted from the ocean floor splitting apart as magma (hot molten rock) welled up from Earth's interior.
Although portions of the ocean floor rose in many places as a result of the Dec.

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