ocean trip

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Noun1.ocean trip - an act of traveling by waterocean trip - an act of traveling by water  
cruise, sail - an ocean trip taken for pleasure
maiden voyage - the first voyage of its kind; "in 1912 the ocean liner Titanic sank on its maiden voyage"
water travel, seafaring - travel by water
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This has raised the question of whether shippers would switch to shorter ocean trips to the West Coast, plus an intermodal rail component, instead of the longer ocean trip to the East Coast, plus a trucking component.
The ocean trip will cut travel time to 1.5 hours compared to land which is three hours.
Even if he survived the ocean trip, he and his family-and the many thousand others like them-would still have to face uncertain fate in the strange, uncharted places they are searching for a home.
COTTAGE GROVE - We can thank a 2,000-mile ocean trip on a boat called the Beloved Stranger for the jazz-funk-rock band Pistachio.
PARIS, July 24 (KUNA) - France's President Francois Hollande has postponed an Indian Ocean trip abroad Thursday and has called a crisis meeting following the crash earlier in the day of an Air Algerie flight in northern Mali.
"This method of studying Antarctic blue whales has been so successful it will now become the blueprint for other whale researchers across the world." The inaugural Southern Ocean trip of the Antarctic Blue Whale Project involved deploying acoustic buoys west of the Ross Sea to pick up blue whale songs, which can be detected from hundreds of kilometres (miles) away.
And with prices tumbling among cruise operators, there's never been a better chance to indulge in the ocean trip of a lifetime - and the sun-kissed Caribbean is the ideal destination.
I wanted to know whether I really liked life on the waves before undertaking a long ocean trip.

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