pass down

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w>pass down

vt sep
traditionsweitergeben (→ to an +acc), → überliefern (→ to +dat); characteristicsweitergeben (→ to an +acc); passed down by word of mouthmündlich überliefert
(= transmit) the story was passed down through the ranksdie Sache sprach sich (bis) zu den Soldaten durch
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It was all highly specialized labor, each man having his task to do; generally this would consist of only two or three specific cuts, and he would pass down the line of fifteen or twenty carcasses, making these cuts upon each.
I know the beach well, and can certify that it is as smooth as a grass-plot in a garden; the interior of the grotto, on the contrary, is rough; without reckoning, monseigneur, that at its extremity we shall come to the trench which leads into the sea, and perhaps the canoe will not pass down it."
"I wouldn't pass down my iPhone to my children, but I'll certainly pass down a well-made watch."
'Many of our members have a lot of chains, hundreds or thousands (of outlets), 99 Speedmart, 7-Eleven, so you increase the electricity (cost), all this will pass down the cost of doing business,' he told Malay Mail when contacted.
Hairy Bikers Si King and Dave Myers went one step further and devoted a whole TV series and cookbook to recipes families pass down from generation to generation under the title Mums Know Best.
IT'S inevitable that whatever comes to pass down south will eventually make its way here.
"For us, our properties are our future, and they're something we can pass down to our daughter."
The ballside backline defender (TT4 in this situation) still utilizes his "bluff and retreat" action, but must stay (and only retreat) to deny the vertical pass down the sideline.