Exhibiting or experiencing fear; timid.

[Latin pavidus, from pavēre, to fear; see pau- in Indo-European roots.]
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rare fearful; timid
[C17: from Latin pavidus fearful, from pavēre to tremble with fear]
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(ˈpæv ɪd)

timid; afraid; frightened.
[1650–60; < Latin pavidus, derivative of pavēre to quake; see -id4]
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'LYRPOLE, alias Lyverpoole, a pavid towne, hath but a chapel...The king hath a castelet there, and the Earl of Darbe hath a stone howse there.
Dreambox CEO Pavid Pastewka ( told CNet that only grad students, researchers and PHD students have access to the few 3D printers at UC Berkeley, and sometimes they would have to wait over a month to use one.
The Grand Inquisitor's characterization of man as a servile, pavid and sheep-like race seems borne out by the behavior of the masses under totalitarian regimes: a few strong souls may resist, but the great majority acquiesce in or, indeed, even relish their subordination to the Party or the Leader.
I think everybody should be harassing each other a whole lot more.") And the pattern intimidates pavid students, biddable colleagues.
Milorad Pavid has reinvented a Khazaria every bit as exotic and absorbing as Nabokov's Zembla, and much funnier.
KATIE PAVID A BETTER deal for working families is just what mum-of-two Kirsty McGurrell wanted to hear from the budget.
1536: "Lyrpole, alias Lyverpoole, a pavid (paved) towne, hath but a chapel...
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