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per·mit 1

v. per·mit·ted, per·mit·ting, per·mits
1. To allow the doing of (something); consent to: permit the sale of alcoholic beverages.
2. To grant consent or leave to (someone); authorize: permitted him to explain.
3. To afford opportunity or possibility for: weather that permits sailing.
To afford opportunity; allow: if circumstances permit.
n. (pûr′mĭt, pər-mĭt′)
A document or certificate giving permission to do something: a building permit.

[Middle English permitten, from Latin permittere : per-, through; see per- + mittere, to let go.]

per′mit·tee′ (pûr′mĭ-tē′) n.
per·mit′ter n.

per·mit 2

(pûr′mĭt, pər-mĭt′)
A carangid fish (Trachinotus falcatus) of the western Atlantic Ocean, having a laterally compressed silvery body and a deeply forked tail and valued as a food and game fish.

[Alteration of Spanish palometa, a species of pompano (Trachinotus ovatus), any of several other species of fish, probably ultimately from Doric Greek *pālamus, pālamud-, variant of Greek pēlamus, pēlamud-, young tuna, tuna in its first year, of unknown origin.]
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Around the permitter are new trails and blooming redbud trees.
1.SG The sentences received from respondents were subsequently distributed into tables, each containing 12 language variants, and analysed as to the coding features, coding alignment and C A-frames employed to indicate the Non-Agent Arguments--Experiences (Emoter in (1) and (2), Perceiver in (3), (4), Cognizer in (5), (6)), Unintentional Performer in (7), (9), (10), (11) contrasted with Intentional Performer in (8) and Permitter in (12).
Nunca voy a permitter sue el dinero salga del presupuesto publico y pong a en peligro los servicios como la educaciEn y la salad."]
Removal of most of the trees and building of 3m high security fence Building of flood light lighting columns to grounds permitter and around 3G pitch, Canalside Sports Complex, 509 Leeds Road, Huddersfield.